Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beautiful Half Ponytail Hairstyle for Men in 2015

The man bun is still going powerful for people with long hair but it’s not the only hair design option. We’ve mentioned including an undercut, including a braid, or dressed in a top troubles as some of the best men’s hairstyles for long hair. Here’s another awesome look that performs for method duration hair too. Check out these images to see how to put on the 50 percent ponytail for men. Here’s hairstyles Franklin Bob in a taken for Revista Younger. Once one of Bob Beckham‘s hair-styles of option, this 50 percent up hair design performs well for chin area duration hair. We’ve also seen similar looks Mike Gyllenhaal, Charlie Hunnam, and Leonardo DiCaprio. This 50 percent ponytail is the best way to tie this duration of hair returning when a full horse or bun isn’t an option. Don’t fear about keeping it nice. Showing that the 50 percent up looks performs for all hair types is design Maximiliano Patane for L.B.M. 1911. His long hair is drawn up into a 50 percent man bun for a awesome, powerful design. The extravagant hair sets well with perfectly selected outfits. Lasse L. Matberg is a hair motivation for the face and head. Elected Hairs of Norwegian 2015, this guy knows how to develop and design hair. He’s also a fan of the man bun but also prefers to let the lengthy hair circulation. Get into the #halfpone. Like all 50 percent up designs, you get the best of both planets – hair is retracted and reduce at the same time. It’s the safe option for actions like browsing or cutting timber and looks bad ass too.

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