Thursday, October 1, 2015

29+ New Hairstyles For Men: Longer + Natural Looks

Summer is over and Fall has arrived in most parts. And with this change of the seasons we are seeing a sudden shift in the styles of men’s hairstyles and haircuts. Shorter to medium length hair was the norm for Spring and Summer. All sorts of fadesundercuts, and modern variations of men’s classic haircuts were in style and being pumped out bybarbers around the globe. But this Fall 2015 we are seeing a very different trend being put out there by the leaders in the barbering world.
The current men’s hairstyle trend is longer hair on top and or a more natural looking style that can be worn both neat or messy. Or both longer and natural looking at the same time. Sides and back are still short, but not necessarily being shaved off by clippers. There are many creations being cut with shears or scissors. Hair on top can be cut even and clean, but in some cases we’re seeing heavily texturized hair to give the appearance of movement and life. Top barbers and stylists are using one of the most important tool of the trade that every guy should own (a hairdryer – they are not just for women) to give these new men’s hairstyles some big volume and extra body to the longer length of hair on top. A lighter to medium hold pomade that has a more natural matte finish is being used to hold styles in place sometimes loosely, not as slick as we have seen earlier this year. The length on top can be worn without product. Push it back, or let it hang down brushed tidy or leave it loose and messy. You can also push back the hair back and use a pomade to separate or section the hair to give a cool 3-D appearance.
I think you could sum up what is going on is that barbers and stylists are having lots of fun with their work and the styles right now. Creativity is being pushed to the max. The classic men’s haircuts although super cool and slick looking they are also a bit stiff or serious at times and they require heavy product usage. Today’s men’s hairstyles are all about having fun and letting it all hang out. So start growing out your hair, shake it around, and live life to the fullest!

1. Blow Dried Longer Hair + Fringe 80s Skater Cut

andrewdoeshair_Blow dried longer hair and fringe natural cut
Haircut by Andrewdoeshair

2. Clean Skin Fade + Long Front Fringe

mobilebarberingacademy_clean skin fade and long front fringe
Haircut by Barber Jack @ Mobile Barbering Academy

3. Choppy Textures With Hard Part + Low Skin Fade

theemensroom_chopy textures hard part but lower fade
Haircut by The Men’s Room

4. Bald Under-Fade With Curly Hair + Long Fringe

thenomadbarber bald fade undercut curly hair
Haircut by The Nomad Barber
5. Low Fade Long Wild Hair On Top + Long Fringe
daniele_deangelishair low fade long hair on top
Haircut by Daniele De Angelis

6. Natural Medium Length Curly Hair + Scissor Cut Sides

daniele_deangelishair curly hair natural look scissor cut
Haircut by Daniele De Angelis

7. Scissor Cut Sides + Natural Blow Dried / Brushed Back Hair

daniele_deangelishair longer hair brushed back
Haircut by Daniele De Angelis

8. Scissor Cut Natural Medium-Long Hair Dry Slicked

henlo__and scissor cut natural medium longer hair dry slicked
Haircut by Henry Lopez

9. Wild Sectioned Long Hair On Top + High Fade

joshlamonaca_and_sectioning patterns_and_fading_techniques
Haircut by Josh Lamonaca

10. Skin Fade + Medium Sectioned Textured Hair On Top

theemensroom_andskin fade and medium sectioned textured hair on top
Haircut by The Men’s Room

11. Low Fade + Long Top + Longer Front / Fringe

cullencharlie17_low fade and long top longer front
Haircut by Charlie Cullen

12. Crazy Quiff-Hawk + High Fade

edwardklipperhands_high fade quiff hawk
Haircut by Edward Mercado

13. High Fade + Long Sectioned Hair On Top / Fringe

juanmapeluka_high fade and long sectioned hair on top and fringe
Haircut by Juan Manuel Ortiz

14.  Shear Cut Longer Hair Dry-Slicked Back

morrismotley_shear cut longer thick hair
Haircut by Morris Motley

15. Hard Part + High Skin Fade + Spiky Texturized Sectioned Hair

theemensroom_high skin fade with hard part and lots of texture on top hair

Haircut by The Men’s Room

16. Cool Very Big + Tall Hair Blow Dried + Separated

javi_thebarber__cool big tall hair separated
Haircut by Javier Mendoza

17. Heavily Textured Choppy Messy Longer Hair In Front / Fringe

Haircut by Braid Barbers

18. Looser Hairstyle With More Texture + Softness

barberjack7 looser hairstyles with more texture and softness
Haircut by Barber Jack

19. Bald Fade + Natural Textures On Top

jaysfades_bald fade and natural hair on top
Haircut by Jays Fades

20. High Fade Hard Part + Long Texturized Top

hs_alvaroferrete_very texturized hair blown dry and separated
Haircut by Álvaro Ferrete

21. High Fade + More Texturized Sectioned Hair On Top

joshlamonaca_big in front high fade
Haircut by Josh Lamonaca

22. Longer Modern Classic Blow Dried + High Fade

daniellecorbett__bald fade and thick hair blow dried
Haircut by Danielle Corbett @ Ruger Barber

23. Natural Waves + Low Fade

cullencharlie17_low fade long loose top
Haircut by Charlie Cullen

24. Natural Waves + Bald Fade + Disconnected Beard

cutsbyerick_and_Low_skin_fade_wavy hair on top
Haircut by Barber Erick

25. Long Scissor Cut Hair Blow Dried Back

daniellecorbett__all scissors

Haircut by Danielle Corbett @ Ruger Barber

26. Natural Curls + Bald Fade

joshlamonaca_high fade and natural curls
Haircut by Josh Lamonaca

27. Low Fade + Texturized Quiff 

Haircut by The Men’s Room

28. High Fade With Long Hair Blow Dried Up + Back (Not Slicked)

daniellecorbett__low fade medium natural hair on top
Haircut by Danielle Corbett @ Ruger Barber

29. Natural Waves + Low Skin Fade

daniellecorbett__skin fade and natural waves
Haircut by Danielle Corbett @ Ruger Barber

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