Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tom Chapman New Hair Styles: Hair Trends 2016 For Men

The new year will be here before you know it and along with it will come hot new fashion trends. For men’s hair, we predict that volume will come back in a big way.
Check out a few of the upcoming men’s hair trends for 2016 from one of our favorite barbers, Tom Chapman Hair Design in Torquay, England. The always cutting edge stylist was a finalist in both the Great British Barber Bash Competition and WAHL British Barber of the Year. Here are a few of his latest cuts and styles.

Great men’s hair has got to be easy to style. You want to look your best everyday and everywhere you go. These fresh cuts look as good with casual dress as they would with more formal attire. Let’s take a closer look at these cool styles.
First, spiky styles are making a comeback for all hair types. These vertical looks aren’t the crusty gelled spikes from the past though. Use a blow dryer to train hair up, minimizing how much product you need and keep the look natural. These textured spikes look great with straight hair and faded sideburns as well as wavy locks.
Here’s a short cut that we’ve seen in 2015 and will keep growing in popularity. The crewcut-inspired look features short hair all around, faded temples, and textured hair on top that lands mid-forehead. It takes Caesar bangs to the extreme.Tom-Chapman-Hair-Design-Tall-Pomp-Quiff
One hairstyle that made a huge comeback this year and will be getting bigger, literally, in 2016 is the pomp. This version features a cool double undercut at the back for extra detail. The added height and hair design at the back adds a modern touch to the retro style.
And a last look the styles from short and worn forward to spiky waves to straight up spikes and an old school pompadour worn up high. Talk to your barber about which of these styles works for your hair type and lifestyle.

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