Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pixie Cut for Thick, Wavy and Coarse Hair

I'm initially today I used to have a little bit more asymmetric at a lot more an asymmetrical pixie. I just left side was quite a bit shorter. I have water being outside presidency and into my other ideas. I went for a little bit more wispy paying this time my haircut it's a little more symmetrical. I'm not sure you how are you my and the thing about course in waiting hair is you have to work where I'm the texture of your hair the thing about it is you can has really like a really awesome sound other the texture heritage certainly. Anniversary I show you its I'm where in my hair so this is up above all and this is a blow dryer TV repair. Actually at Apple this I picture I've been using another key I'm protectant spray and it's great. I really am like a mess. I'm baby repair it's the blog try and always something like this. I hear her special that course a curly hair because I'm all blow drying and styling edge Sky-Drive more out make it work tomorrow course.
So I'm just gonna get a little bit this in her all the way through my here here and then at the next product.
I love is this Kevin Murphy parents or I'm this site is amazing. I guess great tech ass great picture course curly hair ass out before I blow dry I use yeah Kevin Murphy here is over and I'm many years like about a nickel size now. I don't rub it in with my hands here and I'm just gonna put it off from hair. I'm gonna concentrate a little bit more in the back I'm and the snow is an amazing and other Kevin Murphy products because it is amazing. So now I kinda through my hair I'm gonna have to shake my hair how I want it to be. So well I liked it is a lot of times. I don't even mess with the after just let it do its thing because a a lot of times. It'll just be really cute how to do it think so ever personally read it yet because it just kinda family. So I'm writing a brush just had a brush this off were because they want my side workers for why things forward and brush set back a little bit and their well its former and attended shape site hair a little bit alright.
So the next thing I article is blow-dried from are here so by the she alright. My hair is basically right here and as you can see every got quite a bit detection because that a resort that if it is so the next thing that you're gonna want to basically do is just I like your fingers. I love my sideburns hair so I just make sure forwarded kinda over my ear hair and then next product. I am going to take is and Kevin Murphy Harris are spray this is awesome because I make sure you're happy liable to work with I'm and gives you even more texture that you're working with so if you suck. I really didn't do much with the back of my hair I'm at her. I have american back but back I just kinda use my fingers and have no idea what it was class when I first cut this pixie haircut I had a little bit longer in the back.
Actually we're just ratchet at if you saw my first article. I since then have me at higher in the back its shorter. I like it a little bit tired because I'm you can just let it do it what you don't even have to scratch it. We're gonna take the research spray and this just at so that awesome texture that I'm gonna have to bring it forward and an adorable little more PC being today. A little bit more spray hair and i actually worth a little bit on my fingers just kinda piece made things out I he could come over to the side.
If you want to I like Canada with feel like this gives me and that you can bring this forward you can can it possibly let an awesome part is that with the shorter haircut and was like I think it may be. I hair tight you have so much pressure to work but I said that before it for you. I think I'm pretty much done silent map and now. That took like maybe five minutes from start to finish one thing I will say is when you get pics here really thick hair. I really a lot happening after here if it's too heavy it's gonna be hard to work with and every time. I have my style I'm about every other time she does it quite a bit through here just. So that it doesn't get too heavy and I'm yeah it's a little hard to let users other products. I have tried and I tried this healthy here so everyone will be Schrage estaba love this. I liked it was an OK substitution for the hairs are sprayed but I actually love this hair is worse results for its not so good at these products are a little bit pricey but this little bottle.
I sometimes if I don't watch like the beach tussling. I just kinda likes of love. I won't use this for I'll just use a little bit errors or spray you can use some hairspray to kinda set the kind of that you're like. If you want to sometimes I will sometimes I want this I'm a little bottle. It's actually only me 5.1 outsiders and like I said it's have her to have her five months and I probably got. So that their the ball after five months.
Summers have rocks totally worth it this is my second while I just got the second time for I just got this last time I went into the salon and I am so that paul asked me class at me five months as well you find that she knew that your haircut. I get crazy when you sleep on it what not so if you just kinda last minute. However you want to know at a little bit at a resort spray I'm it looks so cute.

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