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Summer Hairstyle DIY Long Lasting Cute

Today's article I'm going to do something a little bit different. I will be showing you how to get this hairstyle here but I will be showing you from start to finish the right as soon as your outta the shower and have clean hair. I'm going to show you how to get this style. So what do you think about the style is how I have prompted so that this last you for a couple days so with the summary here we are with tiles that are cute on that make you look stylish in going to put together but you know you don't want to spend hours in front of the mir getting there also the way. I prepare index at last you know day or two's he'll have to shampoo in your guaranteed this gorgeous hair for at least two days without having to add heat
with the second day in the secretive at a little bit and dry shampoo right.
After them blow drying you will for sure insure it but you have oil-free hair for the next two days at least. So I will stop babbling and will just jump into it but before that let me tell you what you will need? for this so you will need a heap protecting missed this one is by East align then a blow dryer -3 makeshift not know.

If you have that a round brush a curling iron clip and just to bobbitt that is all you need to get this hairstyle here. If you want to see how I get this doubts left be two to three days stated alright so before Easter any heat salads always so important to protect the hair. I know that even I mess up sometimes and lazy or forget to put a protective in the hair but it makes the world a different. So it protects hair from heat styling and then leaves hair shiny and stop and I noticed just doing it a few times consecutively you notice a huge difference my hair so be good and deftly don't forget to protect your hair.
I'm using this: you so one he's protected missed and the stuff is anything. I've talked about the salon products before and how I absolutely love them and how salon quality they are for you know a fraction up the price say contains provide a min and what that is is that just a failure in getting really shiny in British really moisturized and that perfect kinda bouncy healthy look that he looks gorgeous.
If you just throw it out or if you're going to ask the girls to it. If you would like to try it out don't forget to check out a link perhaps of in the description matched stand-alone alright. So know me here I kinda let my hair dry a bit it's about like 75 percent right now something going with the blow dryer and SP that up and really get it to about nineteen ninety-five percent dry im gonna go in with a round brush and at some shape and buy into it but it's a first. I like to do is kinda get the tap crown part a be here at it that way that's what we'll be focusing most ever attention I'm and but for now. We want to get arrested he hair smoothie and straight right to edit button the bottoms pretty sleek and smooth.
We can move on to the top so I would like to start in the front in grabbing a thin section across like that and blowing that alright feelings you're completely done blowing at your hair giving it some volume anthem smoothness throughout I'm going to go ahead and use my curling iron to add a little bit wave but the waves will do is add a little bit more fun into that's his style but also it will lock in that blowout there is any traces still any moisture in the hair.
I want you go outside or you get some air into it it'll just puff up and look really phrases so that would just prevent some where pres and it will ensure that your style looks good until tomorrow which this is a is cute summer hairstyle you know that is a long and lasting fact that we've put in a heat protectant that will also ensure that our style holds a longer and looks better for a longer period of time. So then I'm just going to grab random sections and hair and just kinda at some croat just towards the end just to give it a little bit more polish and just to kinda sleek a the look but not really give it.
You know super tight curls where it went to your done just go ahead and fluff it up a little bit with your fingers just two kind make it look really natural and just for so down to complete this a summer look. I'm going to add a small break to the site at me here just very simple and then it's going to take it back that will give you credit like them volume appear but instead of just adding volume unkindest cut. You can kinda for no reason you have this little break that kinda going in and kinda incurring everything together. So I'm going to start of first with the great just a very simple way that mean obviously you can do french braid it be prepared I'm honestly not the best greater I'm so I'm just going to do a very simple braid the with you not that great UK spread it out just a little bit to get a little bit into that great that was going to go grab pieces they have a case can at a little bit applying but polling on it.
Then securing it with the puppy 10 spoke to play and then I'm going to go grab the great finally and I'm going to pin it into that little Calif K you've just created under your local here and there you have it. So you can do this on both sides if you like for today I'm just going to do it on one side so this is great for if you can be campaign and you kinda what your hair the way they still want to look you and still want to look put together also if you put in them dry shampoo this style will last for a day or two so it that is great for you know really low maintenance kinda weekend and spent outdoors and enjoy the Summer Sun. So here you have it so really really simple but I think the braid a little element the sophistication but yet still really laid back but you've course is what we want for summer. We want to look put together but not look like you know we've spent hours in pain in the mir so anyway hope you enjoy this this is also a really cute for and outdoor summer concert.

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