Saturday, July 18, 2015


This isn't he created up you keep morale perched care your hair with a one-inch Kelly I am and then pick
them up to set it to save time I've got ahead and call mine are a except for the crap RA. Now make a five-part include away your site the next the bottom half into a ponytail around here level then split the ponytail into two bundles gotta delaying you to me well now wrap the here around two to three fingers two to three times to form a crawl and then pinned both openings other QUrl to secure it lot the few hair is long.
You need to repeat this process until although his penned up. When this site is done he the theme on the other okay! So now a new that section that was in project now play protected I'm using my favorite argan oil here by I was all yeah because it works as he protected aside from giving you great chain curls. Now split this section in T-two and could go with the top. If you want to make this relief and p.m. balloonist without TV in that it he can use a hair patty men curl your hair with a one inch curling iron and pin them up again to set its I did this into thick Shin okay!

So a new one at the clip and lately Keith roots just slightly and they were going to plug the edges to make the girls a lot bigger and fluffier then we simply gone in to rate the hair on top of the bun gone around the and juice. So that it can occur around the bond fell and insecure the site somewhere.
If you have long hair when I need to get rid of it so and we will do that by forming your curls okay so we'll pp until the hair end up in the back said yeah now on the like flight and that the fat I with less hair and twisted away from your face going towards the bun and then picking on top of all the other hand. Now for the heavy side I want to play to be really big and voluminous because the key point up to you right. So I'm going to use or smallest clips from my 22-inch bombay here pension that and then at Pacha just on my crown the field when's the thing that we're gonna make a Dutch braid with the heavy side to get spray.
You simply heading here to the size strength before crossing at under the middle strata count me in the T like every the hush large never going to pull on the size to expand the break in gone even further by putting on a strand appear at the bottom simply the rest up okay and then just take the great in the back infinite across the bun.

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