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Top 10 EASY School Hairstyles! for Short or Long Hair

Guys today I am with my friend him again but hey is now much in a few times. Today we wanted to do another hairstyles article. Five different hairstyles for each type short hairs kinda hard work with a lot of bad things. So I thought since then I sure hair should put her on my blog and what she's got as far as tips checks for you. A challenge with show care like this article. If you like the hair tips and tricks that we teach you guys yeah! Okay low their supply a his for scarce dollars for the long to medium haired chicks. So it's gonna be a high ponytail but this is gonna be come more volume on the top crown at the hair.
You're just going to cool a bit about here give a little tug and pull it tight. That it stays secure ne'matt we use one of those elastics that has more gripping action especially bet they care like me. To add texture I may use a little bit my mark Anthony Beach spray and you can get any in these market the products at Walgreens for CBS.
Wherever you prefer I always pick mine up at Walgreens kazakhs the local place. Some pretty cool ideas for the short haired girls right here. She is is gathering. All are here to one side and she's giving and nice cute little break. Just a simple three strand braid membrane is creating the basis this bond that she's making. She's twisting around each other pretty much and securing it with an elastic. Wish or you'll probably find you have a lot of peace a certain mystique out. Whatever pieces like get on your nerves.
You just pen them into the crowd in her head
and make sure you criss-crossed by Penske's hours hopes and lastly emma is using the Marc Anthony oil Morocco argan oil by in Hairspray mention of do now onto hair style number two for the long haired girl. I am just going to do a basic three strand braid onto one side but and set up dis adding the three normal sections omitted one the sections in create another three strand braid and this is just going to be the accent braid for this whole shebang altogether.
So just start Brady Matt and then once you get your other to pieces section of just go ahead and start incorporating that braid into it I'm sure you guys have seen this before but. Sometimes we just need a reminder how cute these type in her. Sounds can be demisch sure here emma is going to show you guys her quick messy middle part in fun. So of course she's gonna start by putting her hair in the middle and then she starts talking in her hair kinda like and to the neighbor her neck and then she secures that with an elastic. So that she can get most. Sober hair secured end to that one spot and then those residues annoying pieces a hair she tries to talk in there. Which normally works even worked for me. I have super long hair but if it doesn't do the case.
You can always go ahead and secure the rest a bit with. Somebody pens and then of course finish it off with. Some hairspray she's using Marc Anthony oil Morocco by in Hairspray do moving on hair style number three for long hair. I'm going to start splitting my here down in the middle Majini a middle part for this section and then I'm just going to take own little tiny piece from behind my here. I'm just gonna start braiding that section and then come and bring it up from behind my here and over across my forehead to create a super cool braided headband and ten lastly I'm going to take some from pieces are sections on my here. Twist them behind the crown my head and it shouldn't kinda Fri may face a little now another hair style brought to you by an orange for just going to take all your hair and put it into a ponytail and then just use your thumbs are when everything is to create a hole right above that ponytail and where that's at and then kinda just west all that into each other for this year. So I'm gonna take a little bit ly oil Morocco by Marc Anthony shine serum.
I'm gonna apply this to the ends of my hair just to give it a little bit more shine good next. You're just going to take all love your hair to one side Emma taught me this great a while ago. I think it's pretty interesting she said do it mike her classes. When choose bores the basically just take two strands of hair to one side and you split the bottom section and the two wrap that around the other section. You just keep on alternating like that. So split into wrapped around the other split in two after on the other. So it's kinda just repetitive grade but yet you have to make sure that you split each section in different parts. So that it doesn't run into each other and it just looks interesting every time crossing over. So he just gonna have to practice it a little bit to get the hang of it. So this is one of my favorite looks on many people including mma she definitely iraq's this look and I feel like anyone can just pull this off. So it's a very per. Sonal here. So you can al. So wear this for long hair. So she's taking one section over hair on the right side and braiding it and french braid and then just regularly bringing it all the way down and then on the other side she's just taking a front section again and Jess no braiding miss on the side and then combining the two and making them love each other and 10 just securing it with an elastic then she decided to use the mark Anthony Beach traders to give it a little bit of tech sure and do you know me a little bit of fun to look out tonight I yeah family style and last year.
South for the long haired girls I'm just going to take all of my front is the hair flip them over give it a little bit of a tease spray it with. Some oil Morocco Marc Anthony hairspray and then I'm just going to twist all those front pieces and secure them like I did another hairstyle but then I'm just going to make this into a low pony. It's very chic kinda messy but not at the same time and annie is perfect. If you're kinda rushing out the door could yeah. So this is the very last hairstyle for the whole entire article. I'm kind of sad but anyways I think this is a super cute one that can work with any hair type. Basically you can just take any in your favor headbands and one that can definitely run your head of course don't strangle your head just uses had me and to incorporate. Some hair from the front sections in just all around. If you want to you can even do your whole head of hair overnight to create. Some super cool curls if he wanted to we have to finish this off the disco heading apply. Some art Anthony Beach spray and that's it for this hairstyle.

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