Thursday, July 2, 2015

Quick Side Updo for Prom!

Everyone chilly here with this relatively easy quick easy up to you for wedding or a formal that you might have is really pretty and pretty easy to do. So let's just go ahead and get into it for small as is all it is I like this section first and this is very easy sectioning.
You just can't do it site part where you could be useful but the middle part. If you want and sexually hair from your ears forward and this tip that out the way and that's really all you have to do indeed the sections larger. If you want to have more here that scrolled going back or you can do less. If you want less here going back it up to you they were going to move on to the binding this is also very easy in a player. Here over into a side dish for Intel Intel is not hot just so it doesn't look too tight then see here with a hair band and this is optional but if you want to you can curl the ponytail and the reason that I did this is because my hair is naturally straight. If I was there more messy kinda casual looking ban is really nice to have a little bit and then to the air. If you have a natural wave or natural curl you don't need to cry. It you have straight here you don't really care that's totally fine.
You can't always get this step. I just wanted to let you guys know that idea and the reason that I did it is cuz. I like how my hair looks when is curled before starting to about so with all that said you're gonna go ahead and not their hair into a bun rabbit fairly loosely without twisting. It a whole lot said it looks really nice and natural and they're just going to put in place and that is it for this that like I told you it's really simple in our way to prepare the front row for doing next.
She basically going to me three crawls on each save your base. So I magnin right here and three quarter inch iron and Elena called 0 and then optionally you can probably hear back around your fingers and pain in place to cool the reason that I did this is because you want those curls to really pop and the very three dimensional against your head. I happened a lot better when they're a lot stronger and that happens a lot more easily. When you can then girls to call them somehow that's why I did that but if you're here takes a chromoly easily you can just pop 3 frozen on each side and be done with it. Enter his little harder car like mine the you definitely put it.
So it can cool want other girls are down and cool to the touch even go ahead and run your fingers through them is going to stop not the crow lot given a much more natural look. When please against the head it also does have a little bit with that kind of three-dimensional look. Because I find it comes to cross the pop this little bit more than you were to me than entering form now the girls are all done we're gonna go ahead and plan in place citizens are now on the right side of your head and think that top girl and sleep it back.
So that it's right over the bond that we made solely lightly off-center mission is a couple inches above the bun and then put in place then on the other side really think the top girl now. When the venue to make these Cross pop. It's a separate that Crowe and Hugh and then twisting curls very loosely around each other create a little bit more popular than were anxious to the style even a place that right underneath the weekend before and that in place. We're gonna keep doing that until we don't here soon.
I'm taking the second girl anything wrapping it around itself again to settle a bit more dimension and then you also want to be careful that you don't pull back to tightly cuz. You can just pull the crow out by doing that to give it enough slack to the cross can really jump and dance across the hair aggressive independent place in the mood onto the second row on the other side plantation.
You're always place in the israeli underneath the section that we just is then we keep making in a special interest there keep coming back into its also basically. He criss-crossing hear bobby pins as you go it helps to hide them angry really secure pending and everything that last girl you have there right on top of the vine so underneath everything else we did around troubled by and then pinned down into the mines the high the bobby pin that way makes it really easy in height. All about even anything your very last section and connect down into the bed again now we have left is our finishing touches.
If you're here's a little shorter you might just have a little girls that are he on topic you buy anything just leave those. If you use a longer take the girls and arrange them on top about however you like and then into the band basically use the ban as you can get into Penn these girls.
However you want anything in this at Nestle or and Angel as you like whatever fits your prom hair style the best and they want to have others condemn place guess. What you're done said basically all you have to do is crawl the front and 10 pieces back and then that's it and you can even make a messy. At the bottom here you wanted to go a little bit more bohemian or you could do a braided. But if you want to do that as well know like nice love braids so anyway I hope you guys had some interesting pictures. I would love to see and the shit outta my previous video as well and you're looking for some prom hair inspiration.

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